Stocksy is a relatively newcomer, founded in 2013 by Bruce Livingstone iStock’s original founder. Many photographers are finding Stocksy to be a great place to start selling. It has a reputation for being the artsiest stock agency online and you will find that this site has very high standards. Stocksy focuses on authentic, atypical stock imagery, and it really excels in this. Just one look at the curated gallery is enough to see that you’re dealing with top-tier photographers. 

They also require exclusivity to your work, meaning you can’t sell them elsewhere.  Photographers can still work with other stock photo agencies, but cannot sell an image that’s on Stocksy anywhere else. 

To apply, you’ll need to submit at least 25 photos, along with some information about yourself. They accept smartphone photographers too. While they only take in a limited number of new photographers every year, they encourage creativity. They want more than the boring traditional stock photo.

Becoming a Stocksy contributor offers high payouts—photographers can earn a 50% royalty on standard licenses and a 75% royalty on extended licenses—but all photos are 100% exclusive, which means you can’t reuse them on other stock photo websites.

Stocksy is also an artist-owned cooperative, which means you get part ownership of the business and can help control it’s direction. Contributors can also receive profit-sharing in the form of patronage returns when the co-op has a surplus. Amounts are determined based on your contributions to the co-op through the sale of your photos and/or footage.

How much can you earn?

Stocksy pays out some of the highest royalties for contributors, making it one of the best sites to sell photos online. Unlike many stock imagery sites that tend to be stingy with their pay outs, Stocksy pays out 50% commission; a fair deal for most photographers. You receive between 50% and 75% of the total purchase.

The photos there are divided into 4 categories according to their file size:

  • $15 for a small image,
  • $30 for medium,
  • $75 for large and
  • $125 for extra-large.

There are also options for extended licenses, which hit the sweet spot with prices of $300 and $500 

In addition to the financial rewards you also get to be a part of a community of very talented people. That’s a benefit that can’t be overestimated.

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