Fine Art America

Fine Art America

Fine Art America is a Print on Demand site. They print and ship your images only when a buyer buys one. Their focus is on fine arts, such as photography and digital images of painting, etc.

As the largest online art marketplace, Fine Art America lets you sell prints and photos in a variety of media formats:

  • Digital Stock
  • Photos Prints
  • Greeting Cards
  • Phone Cases
  • Home Decor
  • Lifestyle Products
  • Apparel
  • Framed print
  • Metal print
  • Acrylic print

There are 14 print-on-demand fulfillment centers in five countries. Your listings can also be posted on your own website, Facebook, Shopify, and the 150+ Fine Art America retails stores located across the U.S. and Canada.

It is the perfect place to set up a portfolio, and to sell physical prints of your shots. You can sell each photo as a canvas print, poster, framed print, metal print, acrylic print, greeting card, phone case, and more.

When you make a sale, the order (including the printing) can be fulfilled by the company’s own printing service. You’ll have to pay the base price for the production, but you can make a profit by raising the price of the final product.

You can set your prices on Fine Art America, and the website will add its markup.

  • You keep 35% of the final price, and they get the other 65%.
  • So if you demand $10 profit, they will price your piece at 47USD.

You get to control how much you want to earn per image and  you don’t need to print the photos yourself.  If a canvas print costs $50 for FineArtAmerica to produce, you can increase the price to $75—that way, you’ll earn $25 from an order.

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