Find your Gift and You’ll Find your Purpose

Everyone is born with an individual gift – a good singing voice, ability to write well, being an effective public speaker, a great poet, natural aptitude to be a great engineer or a doctor, a home maker – the list goes on.

While there are people who discover their gift early in life and dedicate their lives to developing and sharing it with others, most of us have to make an effort, going through trial and error, to find it.

But no matter how we discover it – finding it and developing it – is the first building block for creating a successful, happy and fulfilling life.

Most of us are obsessed with conformity rather than creativity. You may get a great deal of advice from well-meaning people to stay with the status-quo and you may tend to agree because status quo is safer and more comfortable. But you are going in the wrong direction, when you are not on purpose. You are not listening to yourself, to what is within you.

You may spend a big part of your life thinking you are not very special. You must recognize that very unique gift within you – the ability to paint and draw, or engineer a car – or create a useful software, or play the piano, or add and subtract of numbers, or be a great public speaker, or match a person’s hairstyle to their personality, or fashion chairs and tables, or create blueprint that becomes an architectural masterpiece … and then you begin to discover the absolute, awesome uniqueness that resides only within YOU

What we discover in life is not a matter of chance – we discover what we are good at because we were meant to discover it and use it. It is from these specific talents and gifts that we are able to define and determine our definite purpose – the reason why we are here in the world.

You are here to do work that your creator chose for you. God’s work is creation. You have also been blessed with the gift of creative faculties. You can not represent your creator, unless you make use of your ‘gift’ – for your own benefit and for the benefit of others

When you’re not on purpose, odds are that you’re not going to achieve much. So, remember, when you believe you’ve found your purpose, do not allow yourself to be dissuaded by others’ opinions – don’t allow them to tell you in which direction to build.

If you fail to determine your own purpose, everything else will feel wrong to you. It is like working with a broken compass – you may feel you are traveling to a destination but you’re actually wandering aimlessly. It is imperative you recognize what it is you’re good at – what it is you really love to doYour purpose in life is to do the thing that you love.

When a person falls in love with an idea his conscious and subconscious are resonating in sync. What’s going on in the mind is what dictates the vibration and movement in body. So, you must first allow yourself to fall in love with an idea … what is it you really love to do?

When you fall in love with an idea, it guides you …you don’t have to struggle guidance. Nor will you find yourself digging around for ambition or seeking to achieve your purpose. It’ll push you out of bed in the morning long before your alarm clock rings. What might have been drudgery for you just a day before is now grand opportunity and discovery. You’re loaded with ambition.

When you understand and accept your purpose in life your decision making becomes a lot easier. A purpose helps you become persistent and resilient at tough times. It is Purpose that gives meaning to why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Becoming aware of your purpose helps you connect with the higher side of your life, and acts as a fountain of inspiration. Loneliness and separation disappears as you become a necessary part of something much larger.

When it comes to defining the purpose of your life, you should discuss it, write it, and rewrite it over and over again, until you feel good about what you have written, until you feel it is in harmony with your soul.

It’s time to listen to that inner voice, to give serious attention to what comes naturally to you and makes you excited to move at the start of each day. It’s time to sit down and have a serious truth session with yourself. Nobody knows your gifts better than you. It doesn’t matter what your parents, guardians, teachers, bosses, and best friends have said in the past. In this session, don’t entertain ANY negatives about yourself, past or present, real or imagined.

Time to move on
Negative images may have been crowding your mind since your early life. We have all had failings in our lives. But what we must remember is that when we fail, it is not a fault – we were simply not in harmony with what we were trying to do.

You might have a failed relationship in your past that’s leaving you with the guilt that it was your fault. You play the videos back again and again rethinking what you actually said or how you acted. But you’re so stuck with what you should have done differently that you’re not seeing the bottom-line truth: the relationship was not in harmony, it wasn’t resonating.

Most of us live either in regret of the past or fear of the future – while what we have in our command is only the present moment – the only moment that is real, is now. Remember, regardless of what has happened up to this moment, it is part of the past.

Forgive it. Release it from your mind. Abandon it. Rejoice.

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