EyeEm is a creative community app that lets you upload and sell photography online, while allowing you to retain your own copyrights.  This site pairs up with other image marketplaces as well, giving your pictures a ton of exposure.

It supports a community of more than 25 million photographers and videographers from over 150 countries and offers a 50% commission for each photo sold. You can visit EyeEm’s community page on the app to gain some inspiration from other professional photographers.

EyeEm focuses more on advertising stock photography, making it one of the best places to sell photos online if you’re looking to be in the commercial photography space. You can also get booked for shoots by brands like Airbnb, Spotify, and other big brands.

EyeEm will sell your photos on several online libraries including Getty. You keep 50% of each sale and retain the copyright for your image as well.

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