Founded back in 2004, BigStock is another excellent website for photographers. It has become a trademark of ShutterStock since 2009 when it was acquired. This  makes them one of the largest stock photo network globally. 

Not only does BigStock feature royalty-free images, but also videos and vectors. In fact, there’s a reported 81M+ files on the site. The website accepts a wide variety of image themes – from landscape images to food photos. 

What makes the site a bit different is its credit system. And that’s why selling photos online using this platform is also unique. People can buy stock photos with regular payment options. But as they do, they also earn credits that they can use to purchase even more content from the site.  If users buy photos online using credit, you get a certain amount 

Their signup process is straightforward and you can signup and upload photos. . To get started selling on Bigstock, you’ll need to sign up as a contributor and views their online tutorial. Once those tasks are completed, you can start uploading your images to the site.

This site offers 30% commission on the images you sell. And, you can earn between $0.50 and $25 per download. 

It’s possible to sell images for almost every image category

For instance, you earn 50 cents for a small picture and US$ 3 for an extra-large option. Meanwhile, your commission generally stays at 30% for each Bigstock partner sale.

Your earnings are per download and based on the customer’s type of payment plan, and image size purchased. Rates range from $0.25 – $3.00 per image.

As your content gets more downloads online, its price gets higher, and so does your commission. For instance, your photos will earn up 25 cents if people download them up to 199 times. But you can get 38 cents if people buy any one of your images more than 50,000 times.

You can choose how you want to be paid  – Paypal, bank check, etc. – and you’re free to upload as many photos as you like.


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